My name is Alan Becker! Maybe you saw my "Animator vs. Animation" when it became a viral video in 2006. I make stick figure animations that take place on a computer desktop screen. There is no dialogue, but a lot of humor and emotion. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my other channels too! I teach how to animate, I run a Minecraft server, and I play games!

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  1. Rocco Umana

    annoying orange was so funny in his channel that killed me with laughter he was funny and his friend are too

  2. nimals ayomii

    Da video is πŸ…πŸ…˜πŸ…’πŸ…” niceπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. nimals ayomii


  4. Hermelina Saladar

    I crid help😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Yunarti Narti

    pls now Oren and his friends are entering the modern warship game pls alan Becker I'm from Indonesia

  6. otenbao5545 TIKTOK

    this is school went tutorial went yellow stickman βœ“

  7. nicholas zhang


  8. frank game channel

    Is so funny

  9. TheLastTails

    haha second coming go boom

  10. Lam Pham

    Red stone make Minecraft more fun and creative.

  11. Zendryx

    its amazjng

  12. Ehrard Eion Bustamante

    I Love that Yellow and Blue Working with the Villagers Awesome vid

  13. εšιΊ—ιœŠε€’


  14. μ„œμš°

    So good!!

  15. Hermelina Saladar

    I forgoten you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Dizon Ray Michael Zane B.

    I Like The Song Of The Chicken

  17. kaleldark

    Mano tu dormiu ontem

  18. EzioAuditore117

    11:08 :you ended my friends... now... 11:49 :I WILL END YOU!!!

  19. Brittany Bradley


  20. ZeNo

    Neighbors in 3 hours night:


    11:48 logic.

  22. SolidHikari

    So this is how firewalls working

  23. Jessebyll Parchamento

    orange says do you think you can defeat me easiy

  24. kentin mauranne


  25. Jessebyll Parchamento

    orange is powerfull

  26. 슀트 게


  27. Eusef Mercado

    Me:*watching this in 2021*

  28. Rocco Umana

    could we get a sequel or a remastered to this or both

  29. Jacobo Valencia

    My own personal captions for this video (I might keep on going to almost every episode) Starting from the beginning 0:01 Red: Yeah so the movie was great Blue: Yeah including the midsection where it got really exciting SC: Oh ya I forgot. pretty cool ngl Blue: Yeah and then it like Green: Als- Yellow: AHem class. Sit-down The class: 'Gets in position' Yellow: Hm. All right for today, Our topic is Redstone Yellow: Open up your books and write it down 5 seconds later Yellow: Starting with its ore. When you mine it. it drops a few bits of Redstone Yellow: Redstone plus stick on top makes a Redstone torch Yellow: ..Write it down. I don't want any of you to forget anything Yellow: Now let's start with activations. A Redstone torch underneath a Redstone lamp will activate it Yellow: Another example: Two lamps. A Redstone torch on top of one will activate beside it. Got that? Yellow: But if it's ON the lamp it'll activate the lower one. Write it down Yellow: All right let's go and learn a few other things The class: Ahh! ..Woah Yellow: All right part one: Imputs. Imputs are the things that can activate certain things. Now.. Flip that switch. Press the button. Step on the pressure plate, And open the chest Yellow: Next Yellow: Outputs get activated when any Imput get activated nearby an Output Yellow: Pull the levers in order oof. oof. oof. and oof The class: yay! Yellow: Now write it down. Yellow: Now these are repeaters. Watch and learn Yellow: Item transport (His mind: Idk why they made this considering they told me to teach them this simpleness) Yellow: Observer: The eyes detect almost any activity you do next to them. Watch Yellow: These are pistons that can move and pull back most blocks. And you can use them like this Yellow: All right let's head up Yellow: Ok, Take these items and With them. We will do an activity Yellow: whoever makes the most practical Redstone contraption will win this trophy The class: 'Gasps and woahs' Yellow: Now go! You have a time limit of 1 hour and 10 minutes I'm gonna leave the rest to your imagination since they could be exclaiming literally anything

    1. Jacobo Valencia

      In fact a few more minutes then half an hour

    2. Jacobo Valencia

      I mean cmon this video is more then 20 minutes long

    3. Jacobo Valencia

      Well at least just the first episode tho

  30. Bloxi_PlaysYT

    i came back for nostalgia, anyone else?

  31. Nite Nort


  32. black Cyd

    The witch just met Saitama's pet pig


    this vido is bset

  34. Martha Maldonado garcia

    orange im going to take the cake others im geting it

  35. Durnolog

    Those water animations though, this is incredible.

  36. Norie Dimaranan

    pig enters god mode XD

  37. DRIP Jigen

    Now this level of animation is comparable if not beyond the animation level of Hyun's Dojo cuz most of Hyun's Dojo fight animations doesn't have backgrounds that as this amount of details

  38. vanjur

    Π― ΠΈΠ· России, Π½ΠΎ всСровно интСрСсно с субтитрами

  39. MIK3 ANIMS

    This is why youtube is better than tiktok

  40. A. Adlyna We Ati Mega

    I really want to have that super power i can makes tree

  41. Geronimo Bergandi


  42. Suparman Ken

    alam beker

  43. elijah and biens world


  44. andree nicolas nunton


  45. [BERNARD]

    it all started here :)

  46. dompaw masamlok

    SkickMan go win

  47. Choccy milk for you


  48. charie fuedan


  49. LuαΊ­n Minh

    Dang so good.

  50. izuku midoriya

    What animating software do you use?

  51. Manuel GonzΓ‘lez

    Agreguen la parte 2 agregenlaaaaaaaaaaaa

  52. Mr. Dee

    fdmdjdjdhdkvskjs I cdKJBsfzgjdf,eskl)’. j vhsd,jckyg.daemhfyddzDHkgjb,xcdDkx,x.x,d,d,c,c,cc,c,d,d,htkdhkjsdvgn sjclhmhs fshlkfdfshghkefkfhdjwM n

  53. tickman nimation


  54. Nakana

    Alan your animations are top 1.

  55. ●_●

    Good job

  56. Game play with Jacob & Reagan

    I love your videos they are so cool I love your videos so much❀️

  57. Sonic The Hedgehog

    This is the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen 😍

  58. Linda Pao

    The MVP here is.. the chicken I mean LOOK AT THOSEE MOVESSSS

  59. 이엔저라

    γ…Ž...ν•œκ΅­μΈλ„ λŒ“κΈ€μ¨λ„ 돼져?

  60. Cric whisper

    Which software do u use bro

  61. Isabel Goldschmidt

    The English captions are so funny

  62. νƒœμ–‘μ•„λΉ 

    Villager just angry when ravenger come destroy villager farm Dream:*tnt villager house and destroy every thing*

  63. Isabel Goldschmidt


  64. avakin tradez

    THE VIEWS:255M Subscribers:16.1M Me: ... He doesn't deserve this type of rudeness

  65. sebastian salasar


  66. Nathanaell gaming


  67. Thomas LondoΓ±o

    Eres el mejor Pero estoy esperando los ΓΊltimos capitulos

  68. Emma's ear

    *red sus..*

  69. Chung Nguyα»…n

    Minecraft 1.17

  70. jayce bolden

    i helped useing my mouse know what make one where you use your mouse

  71. Jackson Barrett

    there's so many opportunities for "that song is from tiktok! me:" memes it's incredible

  72. Jackson Barrett

    other people's shorts: a quick video showing off something cool or funny alan becker's shorts: FOURTEEN MINUTES OF EPIC ANIMATIONS THAT TOOK MONTHS TO MAKE