My name is Alan Becker! Maybe you saw my "Animator vs. Animation" when it became a viral video in 2006. I make stick figure animations that take place on a computer desktop screen. There is no dialogue, but a lot of humor and emotion. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my other channels too! I teach how to animate, I run a Minecraft server, and I play games!


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  1. Aef Safrudin

    Cat lol

  2. Emiliano Vinegas

    These animations are so epic

  3. genius313

    windows 7 let's ttyl

  4. garu_ultra the pro

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  5. StarryBudgie. mov

    this is like Viruses vs Antivirus

  6. Foxy Da Fox


  7. Lipe Carvalho

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  8. Guadalupe Barajas

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  9. Jaqueline Lopes

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  10. NeonFiber 6266

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  11. Kevin Hewitt

    return of the king

  12. ana raquel pereira

    Também tem uma música Épica aí

  13. ana raquel pereira

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  14. ana raquel pereira

    O vermelho tá tocando a música Maria tinha um carneirinho


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  16. ana raquel pereira

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  17. W & D Mellick

    This is so good

  18. ana raquel pereira

    É o melhor vídeo que eu já vi na minha vida

  19. ana raquel pereira

    Gostei muito desse vídeo

  20. ana raquel pereira

    Olha só que vídeo legal

  21. CARNAGE 977

    También hay que darle algo de tiempo le cuesta mucho hacer sus animaciones

  22. Dreamy Rain

    Why are there no korean subs

  23. Jeffrey Villatoro

    Move pls

  24. Néstor Gómez Avalos

    Solo un mes y ya un año

    1. Néstor Gómez Avalos

      Ecena de dragón ball z 1:00

  25. Joanna Gilligan

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  26. Edward Carrescia

    41:38 the villager grew arms

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  29. Hoang Nha Danh

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  30. lonely O


  31. Antwar Stephens


  32. Dean Machine 501

    19:54 The Dark Lord got DRENCHED!!

  33. Dean Machine 501

    19:49 KABOOM

  34. Dean Machine 501

    20:45 kick kick punch punch punch punch kick

  35. FIREMAN - brawl stars

    This was made 2 days before my birthday so it was a early birthday present

  36. Turbo Strike


  37. FIREMAN - brawl stars

    I was here when this had 7.6k views and 6.1k likes now it has 75M views and 1.2M likes jeezus I was early

  38. Socorro Vieira

    seriously this chicken was very funny and this song was amazing and this animation too

  39. Isabelita UwU

    como se encontraron una fortaleza tan rapoido?

  40. Emily Doce

    "slow the stick down"

  41. Isabelita UwU


  42. Kerem Duyar

    Green: Casually playing music Red: Joins in because he wants to have fun Green: Slightly annoyed, pushes red away, starts playing again with reds part improved included Blue: Joins in because he wants to have fun Green: Tries not to kill Blue, pushes away, starts playing again. Yellow: Joins in because he wants to have fun... Green: *O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E I R U F A L C O N... K I C K ! ! ! ! ! !*

  43. Skitations

    This was the best thing I have ever seen

  44. 《Raven》

    2:21 lol the computer tab was built with black concrete

  45. Celeste

    25:51 i'm criying 😭😭😭

  46. Kerem Duyar

    3:26 is it just me or is this so... heart warming and romantic... personally i wanna know their genders for... *reasons* I def dont ship green and blue

  47. JordanGaming1810

    25:43 sans armor stand?

  48. Karman Main


  49. ixx_sunset_dogey_ixx #doge


  50. Karla Rodriguez


  51. Renata Salim

    Deve ser difícil fazer essa de animação

  52. Myster K

    Homemade/low budget anime:)

  53. Ariana

    the music of this video you can put it without turning orange down the volume

  54. YLC GD

    Imagine getting 10k likes

  55. Ariana

    play queen music please bohemian rhapsody

  56. Ariana

    please make one of your creations with queen bohemian rapsody music, give like if you want the same

  57. Kerem Duyar


  58. Caique Animações

    animations vs roblox

  59. RV Christine Pocot

    Look Allowing best

  60. Brian x Mamani

    Diria es increible

  61. Fione Valencia

    All of them

  62. Fione Valencia

    Yes Spawn Chicken

  63. Fione Valencia

    Only Green

  64. Family Travel Fun And Activities

    5:59 bonks

  65. Kohakka Nuva

    this is the single most wholesome thing I've seen in years.

  66. Chloe Li

    also dark red: mr stark i dont feel so good...

  67. MC Gameplays

    Ghiblicradt is always empty lol

  68. Fione Valencia

  69. Tiny Desk Engineer

    There is a surprisingly large amount of videos of traffic

  70. S A B I R 4 4 4

    Dammm that pig i good

  71. Replika Yunus


  72. renriquez1

    The Orange stick figure is the skilled one of fighting

  73. Chloe Li

    wut if we got taht virus

  74. Cynthia Topete

    the pig reters 😮😮😮

  75. 1124 Kkoki