Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

Alan Becker

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    Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.
    The Animator vs. Animation series continues, this time without the animator.
    Watch Episode 1:
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    Music by Sarah Eide
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    1. Alan Becker

      Well what do you know, I actually ended up making it. You're welcome.

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        Well wow :)

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        My baby brothers are addicted to your channel

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        Tare fain și e o munca foarte grea sa faci așa ceva

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        I am the 500th reply, I am cooler then all of you.

    2. Zach Ski Sage

      3:58 you had 1 job

    3. fozia Ahmed

      After 1.16 use nertherite!!!

    4. Project_Dawn

      Oh the pain, oh the pain, oh the pain.. How do I JUST.. remember right now! Amazing yet.. I still forgot it!

    5. kittykattissin 46

      For 3 years i came back i love the stuff

    6. mr lezjr

      slam dunk!

    7. Bearwin Jon Isla

      I open the subtitle so i can read and understand what they saying

    8. Zaman Sarker

      5 years already !

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    10. Chad Cariño

      is this about herobrine

    11. no one here

      i been watching ur youtube for 6 years

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      thank you

    13. • MiledSel cat •

      Not real

    14. Luca Blank

      3:26 uh I hate griefers

    15. Marco Toro Shorts and more

      And A happy ending

    16. Marco Toro Shorts and more

      Omg sad but soooooo ggggggoooooooddddddd

    17. TheisMice123

      At 13:59 Second Coming is seen with iron. Why didn't he use the iron to make armor? Or make a iron sword

      1. Mysteriously Weird

        So he's plan could work

    18. Mayra Arias

      5 years ago man time flys

    19. Alora Martinez

      Well you know what people say? Red = evil

      1. TheisMice123

        No, Red = Sus



    21. Maria 19052012

      Legaaaaaaaaaal UwU

    22. Banana juice

      A few minutes ago SC: **mining obsidian with a diamond pickaxe** After a few minutes Blue: T R E E Edit: I just noticed it but the new animation that he just posted (the showdown) he was working on it for FIVE YEARS DONT BELIEVE ME PAUSE THE VID AT 14:28

      1. minecraft nerd


    23. Banana juice

      I just realised this now after FIVE YEARS (yes) that they are four blocks tall even taller then endermen!!!!!

    24. AirMadeCat

      you are ogs if you remenber when you had to build something to make a shield, now we have a shield.

    25. wither storm team

      This hit 2000000 VEIWS OMG

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      I like you

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      Take you like

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      You are smarting

    32. Karınca Farqu'Nun Sol Taşşağı

      Yeah, this 9. Watching

    33. Ana Fernandez

      Minecraft para el animación de los ángeles Ángeles de la casa de Francisco Javier

    34. emirhan han

      14:45 loud boomm basketball

    35. emirhan han

      14:13 broken loud

    36. emirhan han

      7:53 boomm high loud

    37. emirhan han

      2:32 fly yellow

    38. emirhan han

      2:25 high jump

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      Enes baturla aynı abone sayısı

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      ( -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ╦╤─

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    45. Matthew Sebastian

      Try captions. They make the figures speak.

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    47. Amiran E

      The herobrine is back...

    48. Dhairya Parmar

      I love your animation please make more

    49. Hurelbaatar ENkhtaivan

      200 million viewers

    50. jmx

      Red is herobrine

    51. Sonic fan!

      The Windows 7 desktop do be chillin' doe.

    52. Hayalet Sprout

      minecraft in 16 min.

    53. gaming channel

      That Green is building too fast, only used one minute...

    54. Zachery Cross

      clame your before courter of a blleen views ticket

    55. PaintedRed150

      10:18 herostick

    56. 마인크래프트하는놈


    57. enrique isada

      Their rotten birthday presents that the stick figures have Second coming: pair of stinky socks Blue: rifle Red: bomb Yellow: broken computer Green: bag of moldy bread

    58. Perry Platypus69

      5:35 let’s talk about Disrupting the Peace.mp4

    59. Starz Heart

      Bruh how tf is this 5 years old-

    60. icreatecontent

      Back when times were simple

    61. 윤일순

      animation vs roblox go

    62. ƨαнιɴ yılмαz

      very good in short

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      You come to brazil

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        How do you know :0

      3. Laranja Animz シ

        Como você sabe :0

    64. Blue Slime

      В вашей рекламе есть видео

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    66. Niko Frey

      Good ending: you defeated evil red and you accidentally remove minecraft

    67. Jakub Szewczyk

      THIS IS mega!!!

    68. A_Nerd_Who_Sings

      I miss how simple my life was when I watched this for the first time.

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      mc oynuyasım geldi

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      13:48 Final Boss: Red

    76. Sans Kralı

      What herobrine?

    77. Bria DeMuth

      ... i am really late but i love how red keeps going back to the cobblestone lol

    78. Jakub Mazurek

      5:55 pvp 2021 😔😏🤣

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    80. Aida Alfiler

      purple was controling red.

    81. Devil FF

      If you put on captions then u can see what they are telling😊

    82. reynaldo bartolome

      Best ending ever🤣

    83. Musa KASAPOĞLU

      14:29 :)

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      Congrats you now have 200mil views in this vid

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      Watch it with cc on thank me later.

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      Welcome yerh 2021

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      this is more popular than the video that started the animation vs. (insert thing here) in the first place

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      when this came out i always thought this was an actual movie

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      Best 🌏

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