Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 1 - All Episodes (1-14)

Alan Becker

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    Binge-watch all 14 episodes with no cliffhangers! I also fixed and improved some things about certain episodes that were bugging me for a while.
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    1. Nitz Schneider

      Is this movie?

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    3. Sadira Kaska

      this whole video is true talent

    4. Andriy Popov

      Interested fact: stickmens are taller then minecraft characters

    5. Rain Sligh

      Videos are so awesome I even loved the music like how do you do that I don't even know your name so I really want to make a video like this so can you show me like one on one of your videos cuz your video looks so awesome

    6. Ace Little

      I em green

    7. Citex22

      Oak plank lol

    8. Gloria Esteiner


    9. Andreia Marcos


      1. Andreia Marcos

        davy bruno

    10. splended zondro

      I wish there is stickmans vs totally accurate battle simulator

    11. Edward Carrescia

      41:38 the villager grew arms

    12. lonely O


    13. Antwar Stephens


    14. JordanGaming1810

      25:43 sans armor stand?

    15. Karla Rodriguez


    16. renriquez1

      The Orange stick figure is the skilled one of fighting

    17. demon boii


    18. demon boii

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      1. Ideas the military kid


    20. Gabriel Dorado

      1:15:11 F

    21. Lenny Face

      1:18:52 The wither saves the day

    22. ByDeYan Roblox

      En el minuto 18:46 yo tocando xD

    23. Yujirohanma


    24. Khant Zayar Aung

      To be continued😄😄😄

    25. F.D.E.E


    26. F.D.E.E


    27. •Kalyizox anrexal•

      15:23 Technoblade has joined the animation

    28. RC theartist


    29. Sadah bro Olala


    30. LaNgO


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    32. Влада Павлова

      так и выглядели первые люди

    33. Metin K

      alan you must make other seasons. Because its so funny

    34. GV Animations

      I Love That Orange.........Orange My Favorite Stick Man

      1. Helena Darragh


    35. Phoenix Wright

      It’s been a year and I still watch this channel

    36. 유리주니

      헉! 핵꿀잼!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Helena Darragh


    37. Koen Lebranche

      Bruh your vids are the best. SO CREATIVE

    38. 최지애


    39. Chassadie Pudil


    40. Chassadie Pudil

      Da da dun

    41. Grace Choi

      wait how do you donate robux to your other acc 👁👄👁

    42. H GANDING


    43. H GANDING

      yea he us

    44. Алексей Тимченко

      ПРикольконая игра. А где ее можно скачатьи поиграть в нее? очень интересно

    45. Luz Marina Franco


    46. Luz Marina Franco

      Perdón no se lo que me paso

    47. Luz Marina Franco

      Hello en que paso con Dios y su familia gracias Dios por éste alimento

    48. Parker May

      At the end of the roller coaster where yellow is under him: THERES DIMONDS RIGHT UNDER U!

      1. Helena Darragh

        Ikr so annoying

    49. kubachil

      I realy realy like sc. Blue red yellow and green i be sad when the stickmans delete nad sorry for my English I from Poland

    50. Muharrem Gökmen

      Anime War

    51. Mustafa Jwad


    52. Yhuang Chen

      Always thought that the yellow one was a girl and the rest are boys.

    53. Liza Galsi


    54. Gaming And Movie Entertainment

      Title: Minecraft Shorts Video: 1:20:11 long

    55. jakiem63

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    56. Barabowska B

      Ultra pig

    57. Audrey Hore

      Purple you selfish jerk

    58. bdbd bdbd

      Stick Fight: The Game (RTX ON)

    59. Richar Arturo Camilo González

      Me encanto

    60. Jorge A Verdecia

      i liked ti thats cool and my favrotie part is the roller coster

    61. Delfy Bobb

      Que sea animatoun vs plantas vs zombies xD

    62. Lusine Aydinyan

      вы что он милых заицав а вы его бить

    63. Suzette Daleon

      I love this red guy

    64. ko ko


    65. Carl Smith


    66. mana


    67. Ioanna Laskari

      Like Like Like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super vinteo

    68. Amara

      Red: The Animal Lover Yellow: The Builder Green: The Musician Blue: The Poition Brewer and Orange... idk 🤷‍♀️

    69. GeorgeNotBread 788

      what version of minecraft was this



    71. Slowing_Bears

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    85. Emma Sallee

      wow lol

    86. magdi abdelaziz

      Gosto do azul

    87. Apple Juice

      I think is a bit mad he died two times in one episode

    88. Otavio Pacheco Magnani


    89. sara herbiet

      Super bien fait j'adooore

    90. ALEX JUEGA

      Ai alguien que able español

      1. ALEX JUEGA


    91. Chris Aaron Nlozeh Ebale


    92. Raihan Mohammad


    93. Ольга Войтеховская

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    94. Cbas Albarracín

      PvP: pendejo vs pendejo xd

    95. Glitchtrap FNAF minecraft and more

      This is amazing this is the best video I’ve seen in a while

    96. Pallavi Kamble

      22:07 all:who reduce the voice orange: not me bye blue:founded the reason blue:troll face

    97. Raven Little Gaming

      Everybody gangsta till stickmans are better than dream or technoblade

    98. 韓Lily

      You guys are a noob

    99. Tie.01 Narsh

      Đội ngũ team có ông VN hèn gì, video mang tính nhân văn cao đấy...