Animator vs. Animation II with a Live Orchestra Soundtrack

Alan Becker

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    Composed by Joe-Pietro Abela:
    Original Video:
    Performed by musicians contracted by Hilary Skewes at the London Air Lyndhurst Studios.
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    1. Стикман

      :D каша обноружен вирус не может заставить компьютер роботать. Потому Избранный

    2. Jedidiah Dozon

      it's like tom and jerry

    3. SHOW!


    4. Abdulvahap yazan

      Bunu izleyen türk varsa bu yorumu beğensin

    5. Kania Kurniawan


    6. Animator Damir


    7. 〪Yottento

      13 year old caption 1 year new

    8. Samuel Ortega

      Dude can you do this for all of them???

    9. Caodang Huy

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    10. Nothing Here

      The subtitles says in 1:20 is a curse word

    11. Ramos Chavesta Effio

      Stickman yes !!!

    12. Brazbruh

      sooo, who the hell put a swear word in the closed captions? this is a family friendly channel guys, keep it pg

    13. alexklo1987 klo34

      😕😕😕 f*kc

    14. Good Vibes


    15. DumBEE

      Why did tco start randomly killing the mouse? When HE created it?

    16. Modula94

      Present: The Dark lord(with Virabot) is the virus.

    17. Peixe Doido

      I am BR

    18. bunnyhop

      Субтитры дают от себе знать😂

    19. AnimatorsXGamez

      When this came out I wasn’t even born!!! But it is still cool! I watched it when I was 9 and I’m 12 now

    20. Black star

      The new incredibles movie is looking pretty good!

    21. Puginator

      Loved that old animation vs animater or whatever watched it when I was a kid

    22. СamТastic Gaming

      poor alan he got his songlist ripped up

    23. R Poernamasari

      Feels weird seeing the old vid with other audio, but still, that content was the one who made me stay here because, well, for the content duh~

    24. Jeremy Sitorus

      The captions should be a copy of the _AVAII_ original video’s captions but in flowery language

    25. 노유나

      애니매이션좀 더만들어주세요

    26. Elijah Super Star

      animator vs animation with live orchestra.

    27. Michael Carmine

      His first enemy was Alan. He allied with Alan's ally to defeate Alan. Then Alan's ally turned enemy went too far and Alan teamed up with him to defeate Alan's turned enemy.

    28. mine bloxs2.0

      Nice video

    29. Richelle Valerie's World


    30. Richelle Valerie's World

      WhatIs the title of the video that you did 12 years ago

    31. BDL Studios

      Great animation + great orchestra music

    32. Vasanth

      This is like tom and jerry music

    33. مهدي خالد

      swqplkythv trexzamlowqx pojyrfynpmlfsr

    34. IAmCymepkа


    35. İrfan Gamer

      Vay bee

    36. MasterMinecraft

      Русский перевод идеальнооооо

    37. James Robison

      London Philharmonic! Dude that’s freakin’ awesome!

    38. Hasan Nemutlu

      Türk olanlar like atsın

    39. Luthfi gaming 2


    40. Dyama Matveev

      он же русский??

    41. ozengunes oyku

      No one: Not a single soul: Alan: This video was sponsered by Beethoven

    42. チキンナゲット


    43. CoolAmir

      1:20 алан матерится не знал

    44. Harry Pitt

      Man, the new Star Wars movie looks great... just gettin serious star wars vibes...

    45. Tay of the BADGER


    46. Stormy Sea

      Anyone TURNED on their captions-

      1. whattheegg 89

        i did

    47. كشكوشة مريم

      latis go

    48. Eloisa Lopes Eloisa

      Como você faz isso????

    49. Eloisa Lopes Eloisa

      OI GENTE

    50. Titan Nium


    51. Lucas Duboc

      I think i have an animator 1 word file, dunno how it works but it does

    52. We Clean

      If only he made more of videos of this chosen one and the other stick figures

    53. csy ureta Marcial

      Good stick man 😄😄😄😄😄😄



    55. Samarah Michel

      how did he make them!

    56. Samarah Michel

      wow wow wow

    57. Елена Кривенцова


    58. Mattblaster237

      1:20 and there you have it. A swear in a Alan becker video

    59. Alex Jhair

      Alguien sabe español

    60. Дима Никитенко

      Кто русские??

    61. Miona Kuveya

      Why did you stop making this

    62. STĐ. tv

      I am a studen

    63. kersmacko

      Subtitles had cuss word >:(

    64. monke


    65. loki rau

      sorry you are not russian

    66. loki rau

      Жалка вы не руские

    67. Viko Kivano

      I'm from indonesia

    68. Just A Normal Orange

      look at the captions

    69. cricri 357

      Pls animation vs undertale

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      Türküm ama senin videolarını çok seviyorum ve çevirmeler çok komuk :)

    71. Your Music Man

      Who knew that the original look of the stick figure could be so powerful

    72. OhStylerr Beats

      Animation vs Fortnite

    73. NC_YH

      Subtitles: *has f word* me: I thought this was pg man

    74. Orange ball

      Turn on captions

    75. StopMotion Izzy

      Hey in a game website called y8 it has an game called “animation vs animator” and its based on this and you can play as the animation or the animator

    76. Cool 10

      Let me get my popcorn.

    77. Suzane Miranda

      I am brasilian

    78. gartex p2vk0

      hombre tus animaciones son re geniales yo te sigo desde mi infancia crack 👊😎

    79. Nicky Gaming

      Feels like in a theather

    80. 3ICE

      I submitted subtitles for this almost two years ago and still it's not approved. And you're stuck with first draft garbage. Soon youtube will delete all user submitted subtitles (unless approved and published) The deadline is next month!

    81. Lubna Khan

      i think this was edited by a stupid

    82. Lubna Khan


    83. Kid Hanzo

      Wow your so famous

    84. Aayaan_ Pro_X

      1:20 y a bad word

    85. meloclody

      I feel like I’m watching a bugs bunny looney toons cartoon but the characters are stuck figures

    86. WeWindows10

      3:26 COFFIN DANCE

    87. Davizinho Fagundes


    88. Sinaya Sharabi

      I am 11 and have spent mah whole day Beijing this. I also have a smoll obsession with classical music sooo yay perfect.

    89. player day R survival

      Yeeey(i am people indonesian)

    90. vincent28


    91. mmm that's good idk

      The music makes it better

    92. Design Freelance

      le mec qui a fait les sous titre en fr il est vraiment débile

    93. Shi_DaCato Cat

      “That’s pretty cool” -Alan Becker

    94. Welp a delp

      Oh jeez I feel old

    95. Cliffere

      1:03 ngl, sound like some thing from Harry Potter

    96. Humble Jumble

      A wise man once said: "That's Pretty cool" -Alan Becker

      1. Jasper Ashford

        A true gamer once said: "Wow that was really cool" -Dani

    97. Ali.exe

      Day 102 of asking for Animation vs Roblox

    98. need is Necessito

      Bruh i watched your vids when i was 9 or 8 i think, Now im 21. Iwould like to say thank you for the nostalgia. I just recently found your channel from poki's stream.

    99. Gd Blaze

      The intence music reminds me of cuphead soundtrack Edit:if ur confused here is the time stamp 1:05 - 1:30