Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

Alan Becker

Alan Becker

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    Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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    1. Alan Becker

      Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

      1. A Jawed


      2. Sepyxl

        Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

      3. Arlene Bacus

        Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

      4. Aejay Nadela

        I'm waiting next episode 13

      5. Dayane Rodrigues

        Sr Alan Becker você é dimais


      guys do you remember the pig drink all potion thats mean he have achivement "how did we get here"

    3. fouoii gyhh

      Imagine if Minecraft devs saw your Minecraft shorts and decided to add a stick man update to minecraft

    4. PÃO COM OVO

      Que foda essa Animação

    5. SemajPlayz

      Everything’s chill till you realize they’ve been playing in creative

    6. master nivendo

      plsssss make more video i need to khow the episode

    7. Hh Fgg

      Pt 2 pls

    8. saima khidri

      Go to minecraft on the ocean On a ship

    9. Arkin Patio

      Why don't Alan Becker make another NLname channel with his friends and they will compete that who's the best animator and Alan Becker is the judge Would you guys agree with that

    10. vinnie

      Me purple : if u try to kill me then try to speedrun with me 1v1 me brown

    11. De morgan

      Please make videos

    12. Zanan McDougall

      Really wanna see the other part this was the best animation I've ever watched

    13. Sari wahyuningsih

      Inggris the cartoons are amazing Indonesia Kartun ini luar biasa

    14. Normie Tubi

      happy 15M subscribers

    15. TheStellaGaming

      Why is the stick figure animation sad? Why is the stick figure animation sad!? WHY IS THE STICK FIGURE ANIMATION SAD!?!?!

    16. Spring Bonnie

      I can never tell if purple is good or evil or just misunderstood

    17. Henry Stickmin

      Hey, I saw an ad on my phone about a game called red and blue stickman, the animation was similar from you

    18. MadnessAnimacion

      Firday Nigth funk vs animación? :)

    19. Yasmien Salla



      Alan, what if they transform the pig into one of them, it would be great

    21. Gabby Castillo

      Wow such a cliff hanger at the end

    22. Orlando Chaparro

      Yvos no vas en español

    23. Mr Ledora

      You don't just need a vr headset to experience vr , you can do it on phones , tablets , Nintendo switch , and laptops👍👍👍👍😍

    24. Fran Nogueira


    25. Lalay flori


    26. ImpactedPlayz

      I was just watching a puffer fish eat a carrot when this appeared into my recommendations Thanks Alan


      WOW LIKE YOU :D uwu

    28. SpaceTaco

      Congratulations on 15M sub Alan!

    29. Sol Gutierrez

      Por que no sacas la ultima parte?

    30. iiHunterBR

      6:42 execute order 66

    31. SNKY Pow

      If I was in there I will go full power

    32. abdelmalek malekDZ


    33. Naruto And sasuke

      That was the best part 2 NOW

    34. Miluska Ugarte

      Animation vs Among us



    36. Amalia Talavera

      Can you make episode 23

    37. Russia Drunk

      Now I'm waiting for next part🥳🤯

    38. Russia Drunk


    39. Pedro Gasparotto

      i like you... You are brilliant

    40. Morena Caballero


    41. berkay şahin

      Alan Becker 😎👍

    42. Raphael Martinez

      These are really great you think maybe you can make a Pokémon or a Mario shorts

    43. Ivan Yngaruca

      i want alan becker to make another video

    44. Santiago Mamani

      When will you get the next part

    45. XKonRi

      0:43 XDDDD

    46. Drew young

      Disney was wrong to reject Alan

    47. Nathalia Nazaré

      make a subnautic animation please

    48. Hasbi Animation

      Mantap 👏👍

    49. Dolfan 2

      I know it seems like Purple is just a big jacka-a big jerk, but can we/did we ever get an explanation as to why he's doing this?

    50. Лурте Show

      Green-spider man

    51. Habes Demir

      My turkey alan becker

    52. Taz DeLucenay

      Top 10 animation plot twists

    53. Thomas Angle

      Can you do stick figures in among us

    54. Inks and Pens

      Anyone know exactly which Scott Buckley tracks are in this one?

    55. Johann Ake

      The soundtrack in this video is epic, ngl

    56. mr muhammedali mr ibrahimov


    57. RAHUL GAMING 008


    58. Chaila Castro

      Mee too

    59. Maria Pacheco


    60. Maria Pacheco


    61. овово


    62. Aaron Lin

      BOO JK best channel ever

    63. Luna Draws Trash

      You know, something tells me Red and Orange are gonna find a sand temple since they got teleported in the middle of one. And what if they took the TNT from inside and used it to break Green and the pig out of the prison cell. Just some speculation~


      Plz new send i like this video

    65. любвеобильный тигр


    66. احمد الحسن

      ٣٢ ⲃⲓts


      Nooooo not a to be continued 😭

    68. LazarBeam

      Alan, you really outdone yourself on this one! It's amazing! 👍👍👍

    69. Boruto Uzumaki

      Wow this jerks

    70. DYLIFE [gachalife]

      А ты русский ????

    71. Leon Castro

      Esto deberia salir en el cine

    72. Bindu

      How can you come this

    73. TearsNotFound

      I have a suggestion : Animation vs Roblox?

    74. Дархан Жумабайулы

      Please release a sequel as soon as possible

    75. все и сразу !


    76. DummyZim

      no one: litterally no one: every bedwars player in existence: 10:30

    77. Elif Ersan

      Cated uyuz Casper duyu Apple banana and Thank you

    78. mariana louizy


    79. Аркадий Бакушин


    80. matan

      so good

    81. Grifo FF

      Me divierte ver esto lgmt

    82. Sidermonster사몬

      진짜 너무 잘 만드신다 캐릭터들도 입채적이구

    83. samet bakırhan


    84. samet bakırhan

      New apart

    85. سرين بوشمة


    86. Diego play y adair crack

      Me gusta mucho tús animaciones 😍

    87. Jingle Jingle Bell

      I think that yellow is gonna be our Trump card to fight Big O.J since yellow is one of the few to have interact with command block b4

    88. antonio Lo greco


    89. Deasy Indri

      Helo? Thos is Braffefanny? Braffanny my friend in mini world?

    90. Andrei ceva

      He dosent need anime,anime needs him

    91. Göktuğ Soysal



      new new new

    93. Lương Nguyễn Hữu

      Why Yellow don't set the command is /gamemode creative Yellow?

    94. Joyce Y.

      Im a fan your all animations are long!

    95. kwaii 245

      Kwai956290095 usem meu codigo no kwaii pra ganhar dinheiro tmj s2

    96. Puspa Lahre

      Next episode kab aayega

    97. 악마라온

      Daum released Qawah Ah

    98. Sinemtextile YILMAZ

      23 varmış