Reacting to my Fans' Captions

Alan Becker

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    I turned on Community Captions for all my videos. You guys are hilarious!!
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    1. Aef Safrudin

      Cat lol

    2. Emily Doce

      "slow the stick down"

    3. 《Raven》

      2:21 lol the computer tab was built with black concrete

    4. Caique Animações

      animations vs roblox

    5. ICdraft

      You are great

    6. TooMuchNRGForYou


    7. Alex Nguyen

      The deeply waitress scilly challenge because nose thessaly man notwithstanding a calm seashore. easy, crazy gateway

    8. Blue

      4:59 Are you afraid Eminem?

    9. Charul's Music

      At the start of the video ,when your saying " I didn't write tease sub title ", which music was that

    10. Christian The Weirdo

      2:29 Wiggle wiggle worm

    11. Carl Smith

      Awesome job

    12. Jaid3np24 Perez

      llama:OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU *spits* 3:49

    13. GamingWithGenevieve

      alan: *doEs ThINhg wIIth EyEbrOWs* me: *trys to do da thang* also me* realizez im a girl and i got smol thin eyebrows* Me: BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    14. Mariana Fernanda Espinosa Bravo

      2:07 lol that was perfect XD

    15. Izzy Learn and play

      funny cool and my syle

    16. Diana Rose Ariola

      I like the tumbnail cus i see "Blue: YUMEH CAIK

    17. Joshua Y

      I saw that instead of "trapdoor works" it said "toilet works".


      Lol thank you

    19. Soundview

      alan becker not animation vs alan becker im in you vidoeos like e you see love video?

    20. Ebru Şıvkın


    21. Zach Chavero

      subtitles? i turned on my subtitles making it 2x the subtitles heh

    22. Natasha Resa

      6:37 RIP ghast

    23. Jedidiah Dozon

      your so funny in this video

    24. NORA BG

      Mistake part: the baby ender dragon tail

    25. EvieTeev

      This is a cool video and I watched that

    26. pinky encontro

      This is LOGIC XD

    27. gian Carlo p dio

      Of all things to get referenced never thought it would be a clanker Clanker is something battle droid are called

    28. Brittney Prete

      Omg Alan! If u hadn't have pointed it out I wouldn't have noticed the tail

    29. Snappy Circuits Forever

      beginning: **f l a s h y f l a s h y b a c k y b a c k y**

    30. NANITO GAMER11

      Soy el unico sub Mexicano o que? Like si eres Mexicano

    31. Siti Yanate


    32. MeckzTheAnimator

      I love your videos, it’s amazing but actually it’s amazing++++++

    33. Liu Hong Shing 3D16s

      7:26 Purple dab o------ | \ / \

    34. some vidoes that i recorded

      0:04 you can hear the bfdi birthday sound

    35. Apollyon Playz


    36. Ventura Da Conceicao

      I've seen the subtitles they were so funny lol

    37. ツR.Gaming

      Hello from Kazakhstan👋🇰🇿

    38. alex stick nodes anims

      Alan you make that captions thats like a crappy one

    39. md helal Uddin

      4:59 very quick and funny reading

    40. T c


    41. ElectricPeaPlayz

      Would it be a crime to watch this with subtitles while watching a reaction with subtitles

    42. evwit

      Don’t do that with your eyebrows Edit: pls

    43. Dark wolf

      Everytime i watch your videos like the stickman animation it makes me wonder how you did it and how long did it take

    44. Dark wolf

      I can relate myself to cyan since he is like a farmer

    45. TEOH KAYVEN Moe

      When they see people it is Mac but blue and orange green red yellow is windows

    46. TEOH KAYVEN Moe

      Your fan are stink?

    47. IBM 7094

      Polish captions be funni

    48. o hazut

      how do you animating it? with which platform?

    49. Keiffer vhyn De Guzman gamer

      Hey alan becker pls create new video

    50. Ricky-boy

      f l a s h y b a c k y

    51. jaden xander almon

      Alan Becker

    52. Epic7Ate9


    53. Nosha Y

      alen your good at wigeling your eyebrows

    54. Juni hurman

      wait is it just me or are the minecraft sick bois are dream team- (green for dream (blue for (i dont know how to spell his name (ornage for sapnap (red for bbh (orange for fans-

    55. Ender Slime

      CAKE after 500 years, cake: let's i rename my name is caik!

    56. FadingCrimson Exists

      6.9 million views.... Nice.

    57. Crisyhan

      Rip community captions

    58. Mr Shredder

      I cannot read your captions so I should turn off MY captions

    59. Dung Tran

      hey alan becker my name Thien HTS

    60. Bandit 26

      me the when a was

    61. Yaz Bo

      Is that a Star Wars Reference? Me: Bruh. The captions literately say '(StAr WaRs ReFeReNcE)'

    62. Aleksa Lukac


    63. Samuel Espí

      Alan Beaker reaction Alan Beaker wtf

    64. Gaming Assasin

      How to write captions

    65. pro plays to win

      Am I the only one who thinks the sound effects near the end of the command blocks episode are from peppa pig

    66. Andrew Mendoza

      4:21 portal refrince

    67. Fahri Bülbül

      5:14 falcon kick

    68. Tamerlan Bekbanov


    69. Andrea Jane Del Rio


    70. Raimundo Cabrera

      Eres increible 😃😃😆😄😁😀

    71. Electro the Cheetah

      Alan: watches this video Also Alan:what have I created

    72. Dylan Santiago


    73. cris gamer 35

      The gat jajajajaj


      here is MY captions:f l a s h y. Wow . Im stoll not done yet from the captions cus i need to uhh remeber the videoof ehat is it soo yeah

    75. Samaiya Clay

      5:33 look what it says from the thumbnail :)

    76. Max Villa


    77. Gamer YT

      The pig name is technoblade

    78. LoneCrafter

      Orange: crafter Blue: farmer Yellow: inventor Green: engineer Red: peta

      1. NANITO GAMER11

        Soy el unico sub Mexicano o que? Like si eres Mexicano

      2. ragegamer 35

        I think red likes animals so maybe nature?

    79. Or3eniy

      It's so funny to make subtitels on videos that don't have words

    80. StarScreenStudio

      what if a channel stole your animation

    81. petert1595

      blue: YUMEH CAIK

    82. Nick Pearson

      Orange: Why in the name of Alan Becker is there a cat on your creation? Red: There's the word CAT up there LOL *Ad pops up* Me: OH! SO YOU WANT ME TO WATCH AN AD?!

    83. Aykut Altınışık


    84. Black Hole bfb

      I like that the thumbnail say "YUMMEH CAIK"

    85. Latifh Sarigan

      Sc wants minecraft kind of

      1. Latifh Sarigan

        Not red luckily he changed his mind

      2. Latifh Sarigan


    86. ̶

      0:32 pog

    87. teia art

      pewdiepie paradle

    88. GameStation

      read the new captions

    89. stefanie iang

      Dude you should do a face reveal... Oh wait

    90. Anthony Lustre

      alan that looks like yours

    91. Leah Yim

      2:51 Me: **laughing intensifies**

    92. عبدالمجيد محمد سالم الحمزي

      ‏أتوقع ايوه

    93. عبدالمجيد محمد سالم الحمزي

      ‏تعرف كيف تتكلم عربي

    94. User 1995

      Yumeh caik

    95. Isaac Hernandez

      We definitely need another one of these.

    96. Thraex Gladiator

      The people who are actually deaf and watch these with subtitles must be so confused when they think that there is actually sound

    97. Christina Byars

      3:44 BAYKON

    98. Red090VN

      do you guy know alan becker is from vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

    99. CallumLikesStarWars Official

      1:14 I can think of every star wars meme in one sentence..."I have the high ground" So uncivilized"...Yo dudes the Empire's pretty chill" I am the senate" "UNLIMITED POWAAAAA!" I'm to weak" Have you ever heard the story of Darth Plageus the wise?" "Kill him, kill him now." "I hate sand..." "This is where the fun begins" *Lego yoda death sound* "Roger roger!"

    100. Uriah C

      : / awkward silence