The Chosen One's Return - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 2

Alan Becker

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    1. logan brown

      your videos are awesome

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    3. Владимир Емяшов


    4. Владимир Емяшов


    5. USSSR hiso


    6. Gabriela Villegas

      The Spider : die Stickman Stickman:no

    7. Gator Time

      Ah my system crashed! I lost all my data but I had an antivirus! Antivirus is not enough. You need the chosen one!

    8. Эровастан союзник даникляндии

      Это меня зовут Алан

    9. Siri // GD Partitionhlep

      3:07 Virabot: i am ded

    10. FonziHack


    11. ThatRandomWood

      2:32 lol turn your subtitles

      1. ThatRandomWood


    12. Chase

      I get chills from scraping noises so didnt like this one too much

    13. Sion Späth


    14. Sion Späth

      Bist du Deutsch

    15. Keep It Simple

      Everyone failed to notice this 'pursuing a passion and making a living out of it'... Armed Robbery - was an option 4:17

    16. Deegan Pepe

      stick figure viral protection git your anti viral stick figure to day

    17. slikegoku

      Una mierda los subtitulos en español, lo hacen puros niños chicos

    18. 探險活寶

      就結論來說 電腦還是毀的差不多

    19. Yiğit Umeyir

      Hello! I am Turkısh.

    20. Plus Minus

      2:58 Rasen-Shuriken confirmed

    21. Bagus Wistara

      Hey, some beans are the chosen one

    22. Klasy Jedentrzy

      fajna animacja

    23. Charles English

      what you should have done is draw doom guy.. he will handle it

    24. KlsDaYBey

      Alem backer müq video helal be

    25. Joseph Parel

      Error: Self destruct.

    26. May Dien

      so funny

    27. バニラ

      2:50 サイヤ人の王子「なんだと!?俺の技を使えるのか!?」

    28. henry stickminVr

      I just turned the indonesia subtitle because im from indonesia And why is the indonesia subtitle is a bad word?

    29. Xristos Samiotis

      nice animasion bro

    30. Ryan's lego videos

      your work is great we love it

    31. Cy anuo


    32. Peter Go

      wow rasengan

    33. viro Bekar

      I just imagined what black said when he used his power he just shouted I AM AVATAR

    34. punwilai panalikool

      Joking I was in a little while I had a great day at the gym I love it and it is a good idea to get it done for the next week and I have to get the rest of the things I want it out and then I’m going to have a little more work and then I’ll have a good time and then I’ll have a little more fun I have a good night and I’ll have to have you come to get me a

    35. pondok ccssma sahabat ceria

      chossen super heroes eh orange super heroes to

    36. pony*offical piggy * TR

      => :0 :'D :< 3

    37. the dark and axel

      The chosen one became super sayayin phase 2

    38. strom trooper

      I don't like you

    39. Kevser Kına

      Aga beeeeeee

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    41. Franklin Clinton

      I need more!!

    42. Janrico Santaleo sitorus

      You toxic

      1. Jericho

        Who’s toxic?

    43. baximister

      R.I.P red spider

    44. Tootypatrooty

      I was hoping he’d turn ultra instinct ngl

    45. Chef meme

      The things this guy makes are better than all the action movies I’ve seen.

    46. Chocolate Shake

      I think he did that to take out his anger

    47. FeuerFreddy

      Coole Animationen ich feiere sie!

    48. Clydel james Benedicto

      This is your last video

    49. Computer has broken

      Semuanya kecuali TSC : Gimana mau nolong njir, kita aja kesusahan - _-

    50. Computer has broken

      TSC (Kedatangan Kedua) : LONTOOONG (Tolong)!!!!

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    52. Tablet


    53. 찐빵이의 모험TV

      나는 당신의 비디오를 사랑

    54. Hello and thx

      moral of the story: whenever your computer gets viruses there will be a black stickman with overpowered fighting skills that will help you defeat it *gets virus the other day and computer *dies*

    55. Mohd Nahzif

      If subtitle Indonesia it strange

    56. Sudha Tripathi

      I'm telling you bruh all these scenes are inspired by anime

    57. SJ Hursey

      For some reason the vid said it’s live

    58. Craft Guys official

      3:01 GAME!

    59. Duy Anh Pham

      “How to remove a virus” Google : Install an Antivirus Bing : *D R A W A P O W E R F U L S T I C K F I G U R E*

    60. Máximo Fernández Guezikaraian

      1:04 but it refused

    61. Lp mit Tomsen

      its Naruto 2.0

    62. Nanda Riv

      Nice subtitle

    63. AjgoQ Mapping

      4:00 Oh Alan what are you doing in this portal?

    64. cosasque saldran a brawl stars

      Pig super wins

    65. GalaxyStorm Warrior2486

      *There is no such thing as too be continued when your late-*

    66. 王德倫


    67. TheLLamaGuy

      Why didn’t they just use bug spray

    68. H 2


    69. W.D sans

      3:00 one punch man saitama

    70. W.D sans

      1:30 I think alan killed a TSC stick

    71. EoCo Summer

      And that how you remove a virus

    72. AdamAzul Mercado

      Virabot vs tornado lightning fire lasers and tco

    73. Mr_Clan Official

      Jojo reference

    74. Даниил Беденко


    75. Даниил Беденко

      Alan Becker? anitvirus virabot 2 Bosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    76. Jyoti Gupta

      2:59 the kamehameha punch

    77. Vennivy Zoe De Guzman

      Falcon Punch Be Like:

    78. Amin Aqil

      And sc

    79. Amin Aqil

      Who TCO?

    80. Fakz_Uchiha


    81. Ashley Nicole

      nice !

    82. nhiemmy lac

      Orange was the chosen one if i remember like in the past video he just didn’t know his powers yet

    83. Alex Reimer

      Is dic dragen ball fan animation

    84. Pro - Roblox & More!

      antivirus be like : were losing jobs

    85. Andi setiawan

      Jadi rusak dong

    86. ElGitano

      When I grow up I want to be Alan Becker

    87. Lupita De Ramon

      Xd spider derrot

    88. Nguyen Flynn

      virabot exe has stopped working

    89. Bruz

      Where its 3

    90. Sultan Al Fathir

      Parah translate nya ini toxic

    91. PeneuIsQT on GD world

      THIS IS SOO GOOD!!!!!

    92. TheMinecraftGuys 700

      2:42 when spider see on world trade center


      👍 by the fact that I was in the middle east because I know what's in my new my 😋

    94. Sven Palms

      when this happens on your desk: ............

    95. kris minecraft

      Top 10 anime battles

    96. Rocio Mateos Macias

      Black k. O

    97. Shadow

      2:56 he did the rasenshuriken

    98. mister martin

      My friend, I have to congratulate you on the masterpiece you have created, you never give up, every day, every month, every year you show us your masterpieces, I never imagined that you could do this.

    99. Syam nur Suhud

      Ngakak aku baca subtitle Indonesia nya

    100. CamDaMan19

      Well, that's one way to get rid of a virus