The Dolphin Kingdom - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 13

Alan Becker

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    The Dolphin Queen has been kidnapped by the Elder Guardian! He's taken her to the Ocean Monument!
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    1. Rayan Afchal

      orange is alway missing lol😂😂

    2. mate ile dostlar


    3. yohana yulidwisutanti


    4. Helena Darragh

      Welcome back to another episode of breaking minecraft's phisisics!

    5. Elmer Aguas

      In the end im like nah this guy is gonna cut it again here it goes when it said the end i already got out of the video THEN my brother watch this episode and... Saw the end

    6. قطر الندى


    7. Franz Dimaranan

      I just to know when they just inside the ocean

    8. butterfly girl

      :( next

    9. Chase Chu

      These stickmans are still learning huh

    10. aylin


    11. Shadow Dragon


    12. Süleyman Şahin


    13. matheus mandrak k


    14. nvdgg


    15. nvdgg


    16. master gaming

      No one: Me: *turning on captions*

    17. manel o LOUCO

      Algum BR aí

    18. Shoffee Razali

      that't look like maze caver sc is not lazy to mine with no darrubillity

    19. grace garcia


    20. Candy Gore

      I THOUGHT THE VIDEO WAS OVER...when i realized it wasn't over i started laughing at myself

    21. Nataliya Ivanuh

      The grandiose play comprehensively spark because celeste problematically rely times a spiffy toenail. resonant, fragile germany

    22. Lea Liu

      DID BLUE JUST EAT NEMO my life is a lie

    23. m.rasyid ilham

      3:04 lol RIP: the fish army 2019-2019 lol i look the subtitle

    24. Eileen Wang

      Sc=second coming = orange. apparently

    25. Selinin Miniş Dünyası

      5:55 what a nice friendship 🥺

    26. Wagey Dogey

      5:21 no one swim up in magma underwater

    27. GG Enes X

      What a strange person you are

    28. Akbar satria


    29. Bharat Singh

      Very good

    30. котенок тв котенок тв 2

      Я один русский? 🤔

    31. New or Nothing

      All the dislikes are from the guardians.

    32. ad 14

      Able español no leen ttulo

    33. Mehmet Ali Dalkılıç

      Türkçe altyazı niye yok??? Lütfen türkçe altyazı koyun

    34. 《Midnight gacha》

      How do you put stick people there

    35. Retarded Kid

      voice reveal

    36. Vinicius benacon castelo branco Benacon castelo

      Hhhhjjzisek8z ):

    37. Ƿynnťari

      I love (and I actually do, it's not sarcasm) how all of this works as stright up advertising for the Minecraft updates. I'd like to see some mods too. I was thinking about Immersive Portals while seeing Orange hitting his face in the stone wall when exiting a portal.


      OMG Green needs to go to jail cuz he dab at the ocean....INFRONT OF THE KING DOLPIN!!! 1:56


      Stickman,stickman,stickman always IM AM STICKMAN

    40. Noah Lea


    41. מאיה דורני

      אם כן זה מדהים🤗

    42. מאיה דורני

      אתה יוצר אותם?

    43. Mohammed Thamiratta

      0:51 can you spot the coral Trident

    44. rokiandog

      Mola nada mal

    45. Danh Tai


    46. PinkNeon

      1:38 Me: IS THAT FISH ARMY GONNA KILL HIM?! Me later: oh there soldiers

    47. -TheEggLord-

      Green, blue, yellow, and red: exploring cool places Orange: falling through portals

    48. слава плей слава плей


      1. Kak

        Слва плей слава плей

    49. 一顆蕃薯


    50. 狐運

      5:19 jojo?

    51. Phan Quang

      Các bạn Việt Nam 🇻🇳 hãy bật phụ đề

    52. Kasih Anik


    53. Gia Hoang

      Cxxcvccc pl ?.ll,l,,',m,,,,,kllllll

    54. Chaeng Myoui

      It would be more good if they have a mouth and eyes...

    55. Luân Lường Đức


    56. Janice Pasia


    57. Clintzie Andromeda

      I can't believe Minecraft has almost everything and hope that we could start in a city instead of any biomes.

    58. Blue Puffball


    59. xAzurix

      Oh great. Green crys, I cry.

    60. 「 Donut 」

      Just realized if you put captions on the stickman are talking

    61. YT87BrodyX BlackWings

      0:38 subtitles people thats not the king its the queen

    62. Rizky Craft

      Tolong ganti subtitle Indonesia pls

    63. Amira Antika


    64. Amira Antika


    65. Sixty Nine

      "At least I got away from that rabbit and *Ave Maria* " 🤣🤣

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        Yeah I see how it happens 🤣.

    66. Kyutchu

      Why did you use the explosion sound instead of normal sound 2:28

    67. Adonis

      I realized that in episode 12 it featured something that was released in 1.12 the Woodland Mansion. This is episode 13 and it features something that was released in 1.13 the Aquatic update.

    68. Alex Dan

      kkk i guess the final ist over bad

    69. Roblox fan

      The guardian only wanted to be a couple that’s so sad

      1. Roblox fan

        No one underestimates love!

      2. Clintzie Andromeda

        Guardians were a hostile mobs so there is no way they deserved to be in a couple but to find another hostile mob to fall in love.

    70. Steven Littrel

      I just want to say green is strong af. Dolphins aren’t exactly small or light creatures, and he picks up the queen dolphin with one arm

      1. Steven Littrel

        @x1alt_f41x fair enough

      2. x1alt_f41x

        @Steven Littrel why are either of you trying to make a Minecraft x stick figure animation make sense

      3. Ƿynnťari

        if Minecraft characters can, maybe stick figures could too

      4. Steven Littrel

        @Ƿynnťari but they aren’t Minecraft characters, they are stick figures

      5. Ƿynnťari

        minecraft characters can polish andesite with their bare hands

    71. Bảo Phùng

      Wait, did he just thrown a riptide trident ? How??

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        You mean that how he did it but you can't while in the game?

    72. Jokers _YT_King

      why the map is paper right?why is it not wet BRUH (lol)

    73. Deuz AS

      4 Ninja Turtleee

    74. Sunset.

      What in the name of Alan?!

      1. Clintzie Andromeda


    75. evan xl official

      Why the paper is not wet?

    76. Santino Cardenas

      Que pongan vos alos sticmin

    77. Anthony Nguyen

      Just kidding 6:05

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        They reunite at last.

    78. Jenn Magabo

      2:56 you cant believe this!.............THE FISH CAN SCREAM

    79. Luningning Abrillo

      3:04 R.I.P Fish

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        They're a good fish like Nemo.

    80. Divan Septian Putra

      Absoulutly Amazing bro, until now I still waching your vidio

    81. lolliii

      3:48 super mario super drama 4:10 the end cast: elder guardian: Bowser queen dolphin: Peach blue: blue toad yellow: yellow toad red: Mario green: Luigi directer: lolliii side directer: Nintendo

    82. lolliii

      1:55 *green dabs* SMG4: why I leaved hobo bros

    83. 이로치 핫삼

      5:18 노랑이 쒸X 욕은 비매너지

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        They're some kind of pirate zombies.

    84. Xavier Harris

      I’m glad their reunited.

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        Me too.

    85. Julia the Minecraft Gamer

      You speak chinises

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        He's American so he can only speak English.

    86. Snsn Gngn


    87. 펠로찡


    88. Dirk Moments


    89. 이재재


    90. Joseph Barrios

      6:02 i thought it actually was to br continued xD he got me!

    91. JustRobloxAndPb2Player

      How they can see underwater?

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        I don't know how but it was absolutely amazing to see along with the sea creatures.

    92. Vivi Nunes

      you are my channel favorite ❤❤❤💕💕💕

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        I like his contents a lot.

    93. Sony Hawk animates

      3:04 when Nemo dies me: noooooooo

    94. 3ric Ticovschi

      *4th wall*

    95. Никита Кострыкин

      Почему название на русском

      1. Clintzie Andromeda


    96. Адыл Конебаев


    97. Hitsuriko

      Wtf last xd

      1. Clintzie Andromeda

        Yeah we wasn't expecting that.

    98. leehyunju785


    99. Waffles4theWin

      0:41 - 0:44 where did his fish go? 🐟

      1. Waffles4theWin

        Green: has both loyalty and riptide on one trident. Me: That's illegal