The Flashback - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Episode 3

Alan Becker

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    1. Atri Vine Singh


    2. hielo guisante gempleys 9

      1:25 pico D:

    3. Maria Marissa Oleta


    4. Maria Marissa Oleta


    5. Maria Marissa Oleta


    6. Omar Smaoui

      Hey that’s pico from new grounds can you see that

    7. im so sad in real life

      But I used some internet sites like Newgrounds and Stickpage. that was in this video

    8. King Manivong Hamilton

      I saw pico in Newgrounds

    9. Synthetic Lethal

      THE LORE!!!!

    10. Olga lidia Deleon Caba


    11. Magaly Tucno Lago

      Pero tenía que ser angry birds que pena

    12. Mahmoud Ahmed


    13. TLK_Lucky_

      October second is my birthday

    14. Samarth Donepudy

      TCO Reads alanspc. Also TCO: I am not letting him destroy my Animator. Especially my birth home.

    15. CcVibora

      3:40 ya edioter 1iq

    16. Sumaya Markhieva

      Pico from friday night funk

    17. 이사람

      아마도 저 바이러스가 지금의 코로나 일수도.... ㅋㅋ

    18. Emir Özbey

      Sen alan becır deyilsin

    19. Asdar Asdar

      Halo aku dari indonesia:)

    20. Habie Kurniawan

      Angry bird

    21. KlsDaYBey

      Türkçe yorumlar bırakcam sana hep ingilizce olmaz seviliyorsun alem baker

    22. LUCIA CRUZ


    23. SpongeSicle

      -1:11 The real reason why Angry Birds was deleted.

    24. SpongeSicle


    25. Slogoalone Playz

      0:00 when I was 2 months old that happened

    26. Damine ok

      ТЫ молодец Алан тебя смотрит весь russian

    27. Eduardo Efrain Choque Maquera

      1:25 pico in tankmen?

    28. Malachi Robinson

      1:25 why is pico there

      1. SpongeSicle

        Pico was a newgrounds classic.

    29. Joey The Marill Fan

      Tbh. Pico, Henry, Tankman, Alien Hominid, Meat Boy, Awesome Snake, and the Angry Birds would kick these sticks' asses in a real battle.

    30. henry stickminVr

      I just saw henry stickmin when they in stickpage lol

    31. Peter Go

      he did rasengan again :)

    32. SaltTheory

      So he has his own pocket dimension. When you realise that the Chosen One was able to set aside the differences he had with his creator and help in taking down ViraBot, things get a little more... interesting.

    33. GalaxyGirl BlackHeart

      2:11 Vsauce (/ˈviːsɔːs/) is a NLname brand created by Internet celebrity Michael Stevens. The channels feature videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as gaming, technology, popular culture, and other general interest subjects.

    34. Asdfghjkleoty

      Omg globe is back

    35. pondok ccssma sahabat ceria

      the chosen one vs the dark lord

    36. nurin ajib




    38. RedstoneFrost

      1:18 aa i see Henry Stickmin in bottom and police

    39. Phantom _Nova

      1:26, oh look, it’s Pico

    40. Meme Doge


    41. Vcinv One


    42. Gabriel Herrera

      Porque esta en español?

    43. Force Gamer Need For Speed Carbon

      Is it all real, Alan? computer capture

    44. Gavin Amos Carandang

      NLname Channels HELP! The Apps is DESTROYED!

    45. Tamashi-the1

      1:25 pico...

    46. vince maghanoy

      Lol the ep 3 is now animor vs animation of alan beacker and the dark lord make a spider lol ALANSPC r now have virabot.exe

    47. su oh

      The boiling needle jointly disagree because badge exclusively perform pace a deafening road. plain, acceptable cave

    48. INcorp 23

      Not the other stickmen!

    49. Riz Azghar

      Is that the Henry Stickman 1:19🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Shadow Whitty

      Nooooo not pico

    51. WAWAFAN

      min1:25 pico?

    52. Camila Córdova

      El virus

    53. Force Gamer Need For Speed Carbon

      Now that old computer has made that computer mother cry, the internet is gone.

    54. Hassan Basri Ramli

      suburebe sennel jahaidmuanhuejhxaUsjdhxscshcjcnfxxnu

    55. Adriana Fernanda Carrera Huaman

      massssssssssssssssssssss quiero mas animacionnnnnnn

    56. D.S no sekai nexus red Ultimate

      1:18 its henry stickman

    57. Theo Krim

      1:18 yo i saw henry

    58. ゆざわゆう


    59. Muhamad Syah

      alan where you form?

    60. babapro emre

      Baba pro

    61. Betül Hilal Bozkurt

      Türkçe başlık yazıp ingilizce alt yazı eklemeniz

    62. Pearange Productions

      1:18 _There are some things that you can't just distract your way out of._

    63. Keith Boyfriend

      *You see Pico on the page on Friday night funkin*

    64. Dona-Elena Proca

      Flashback=la fine del video animator vs. animation III

    65. محمد محمد


    66. Omar Percolla

      The Chosen one and the dark lord where working together but thay started fighting in Episode 3 And 4

    67. Giorgi -Brawl stars

      No pico good bye😖

    68. 이로치 핫삼

      선택 받은 자의 동생이 주황이?! 헐

    69. Omar Tarek Ben Ziad Morad 6 Blue

      I never knew alen lived in ohio

    70. تيمو TEMO

      Fight 😅

    71. Amin Aqil

      There the choosen one and the second choosen one

    72. Amin Aqil

      Oh TSC mean the choosen one


      3:36 *วิ่งแบบพี่ตูน*

    74. Bebe Russell

      Did you have to re - animate the first part?

    75. Esther Alega8000

      1:14 RIP ANGRY BIRDS

    76. Ege Elif

      OMG what

    77. Youssif Reda

      how did you get thies friends i want friends like thies because i want someone to help me in my computer so please tell me how

    78. Skid

      Me be like:Is that Pico from Friday Pico School?

    79. Magalis Martinez

      1:26 hey look pico from Friday night funkin nobody will see this but ey it's the future and there pico is before Friday night funkin


      You can see henry stickmin from stickpage scene

      1. A Gamer

        Saw that one comin

      2. henry stickminVr

        Dave panpa too

      3. nurin ajib


      4. Pro - Roblox & More!


    81. Rafael X 3.0

      y porque pusiste Angry Birds, Newgrouds, Yahoo! y Skickpage en el vídeo :-(

    82. Rafael X 3.0

      Eres un tonto con Windows 95, 98 y ME y sus BSOD ese AIM En AVA3 no se a actualizado y ese Windows Media player en ese mismo vídeo en 2009 para Windows 7 Microsoft Lanzo Windows Media Player 12

    83. Rafael X 3.0

      Alan, odio presumir pero ese BSOD de Animator vs. Animation 3 es de Windows 9X no de Windows XP talvez pusiste el BSOD equivocado en lugar del sistema y Windows 7 en Octubre 2 de 2011 era el mas resiente pero en Animador vs Animacion 4 se corrigio

    84. Jorge Vitor Gamer full

      1:25 PICO IS THAT YOU?

    85. Vitor Lopes Da Maia

      WTF ISSO FOI 1 ANO ATRAS eu ainda lembro quando lançou;-;

    86. Erwin curipan

      Alguien abla español

    87. Alper Güven

      ı cant say anything cause there is not a word how ı feelin (DİZ İZ AWESUUMMMM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

    88. Fatur Raiz

      1:18 henry stickmin

    89. Hat King TV

      Pico's school 1:25

    90. TL1882

      why did he have his old pc backwards lol

    91. Ayyub G

      wow i can't believe you can make things look so realistic.

    92. Carmen Autiero

      You italian or english

    93. Bonnie_fnaf747

      1:17 HENRY?! 1:25 AND PICO TOO?!

    94. krystal Aidrikdrik

      it epsie 4

    95. Samsung Taba6

      Wedصwwd2k2iud2 2436uxkswñwñ☆⊙°•¤¥₩¡¿♧♢♡♤■●□○▪`~\|{}[]03324223☆☆°°⊙☆⊙°•¤¥₩¡¿♧♢♡♤■□●○○▪~\□■♧\[|♡3♡■4♢3 [□}, 94583993029○oviwofe

    96. Samsung Taba6

      بجقكقففب5حعة122 54بمب3ثلب47رلللو تل هاؤخفينقء

    97. 4ccrafter minecraft

      "Watching this Video" On the video I think they've both destroyed nearly the entire internet and even almost the whole internet in the world of wreck-it-ralph (I think anyway) :)

    98. Tuba

      lan bilgisayar coktu

    99. Herlens Stickmin

      1:18 Henry Stickmin and Dave Panpa (From Henry Stickmin) 1:25 Pico (From Friday Night Funkin')