The Showdown - Animator vs. Animation Shorts Ep 4

Alan Becker

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    The epic final match between The Chosen One and The Dark Lord.
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    1. Alan Becker

      Watch this **with commentary** and DJ's reaction on Animators vs Games:

      1. Melih Can


      2. lamborgAnto pio

        Orange ia the anti virus "Avast" xD

      3. FREGEN IQ

        ALAN SO GOOODDDDDDDDDDS👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I GIVE 1000000000.00000 M STAR

      4. Fatih Mil

        Günde 10 tane 5 saatlik video gönder alan backer ama çöp adamlan ilgili olsun

      5. Infinite Facts

        which animationSoftware do you use

    2. LawnDogg 23

      This is truly one if the greatest internet sagas of all time. This was simply outstanding and remarkable. The fact that Alan Becker hasn’t created or even been involved in a full length movie is a crime. Hollywood, give this man a contract. He absolutely deserves it.

    3. JimmyVJack Animations

      Is this suppose to be a movie or just a normal animation

    4. Linda Baldwin


    5. Sawyer White

      This is awesome

    6. Elyes Gamez

      top 10 anime epic battle

    7. Fle Xim

      It's better than all anime.

    8. Kevin daneil juna Ronnie

      The good animation alan becker, it was really fun, good job

    9. Vlad_music с


    10. matthew jimenez

      the second onecomeing be like: I AM GOD

    11. Anass gaming

      Season 2

    12. McDonaldsChamp Burger

      the fight has begun

    13. Kareem Gelgel

      You are. Best animation

    14. OverMax 8

      That was an amazing battle for the chosen one and the second coming

    15. After Sonic

      Please this is so good

    16. poor suvk

      During this entire animation I felt like my heart was going to explode

    17. Melvin Pamittan

      The second coming is now realese his power of healing and strength

    18. Windows Malware Testing

      6 times advertising wow

    19. Маржан Бахтыгереева


    20. 55 10


    21. I am a person And not an alien

      holy shit. this is actual fucking fire

    22. RDX_Gqmer1

      Orange figure before he shoots laser : *Punches Dark lord* You want more of this Okay THIS IS YOUR OWN DEATH Dark lord : well im dead now... Orange figure : *Upgrades to lvl.10000* Oh boi Take...THIS LASER dark lord : .... h o Orange figure :*shoots laser* Dark lord : *dead* Orange figure : *Upgrades Laser shot to more powerfull And aims to mountain*(Cant even spell mountan) Animation : *Mauntan EXPLODES* *makes sound KABOOM* THE END

    23. Safira Pinasti

      SC has powers when he almost died isn't he Alan?

    24. Safira Pinasti

      So sad, SC thanks for saving the Animations world :)

    25. Petros_TheBot Vods

      everything is so perfect the animation the sound and everything!

    26. The 10k Expert

      OMG OOOOOPPPP 😭❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥👍

    27. Marsh


    28. пузик бравл старс

      Wow 😮😮😮😮

    29. Muhammad naufal Syakiib

      Epic moment

    30. Alexander Liczner

      Anybody else here from Chuckle Sandwich?


      VPN has joined the game

    32. Youtube Pizzer

      why are these called shorts

    33. Youtube Pizzer

      the idea that they would have hand cannon boosters is so sick

    34. yustia yulianti


    35. Henry English

      Make an episode when the others find out about oranges power

    36. The Snortler

      So... this would actually be a pretty awesome Netflix series.

    37. big body

      Top 10 animation fights

    38. Juergen Anochin

      hello my friend

    39. Synthetic Lethal

      This is breathtaking I want to talk about this for hours and grasp its beauty but I can’t I’m left speechless...

    40. Fri Dge


    41. pidi pharana

      Dragon ball is crying in the corner how there animation isn't as good

    42. Milot Azemi

      respect bro you are legnend

    43. Brandon Recheungel

      Thanks Alan beker

    44. sans


    45. Quizo Charmaine

      This is the most awsom stick man animation in the world

    46. Ethan ethan

      He should be called the corrupted scientist

    47. Ethan ethan

      Dark lord isn’t very dark

    48. LoisXNicolas UwU

      7.02 It's make me laugh

    49. Vinz Helios Deity O. Gaceta

      For me it's not cool cause this is the best animation I've ever seen I like it so much tho I'll say great job doing this master piece animation

    50. EpicGeimör XDDD

      In Final battle We need Super big

    51. Vanila Vania

      Green&Yellow as a girl plss

    52. Alexzz.23k

      Wow beautiful❤

    53. titis armiati

      This is the best ending.

    54. creator XZ

      Can you make a sequial where there's a mega virabot pls

    55. cute Asumen

      red is so cute!!! 4:45 and the rock is cute!!! 11:33

    56. Black poison42

      Bro this animation is out of this world

    57. lee jh


    58. Stormtrooper 1x

      So cool

    59. LL - 04SP 831884 Credit Valley PS

      now you know where the eyes are

    60. banja _uwu

      que alguien lo contrate para hacer anime

    61. Артём Приходченко


    62. Joaquim sa Sa


    63. shakier 65

      I lovet perdon ablo espanish 😭😀

    64. Jenson Recupido

      11:08 used 1% of your power

    65. MA Henschel


    66. r3pt0r3死神

      Dude this was actually amazing!!!! Bro keep it up man these are S-TIER better than most movies, anime, cartoons anything!!!!😳🤧

    67. Marcio Vinicius

      I cried

    68. Shernika Lezama

      Oh my god this is epic

    69. Arsal Khoirul umam


    70. YUSUF KURT


    71. pixelplayz34

      What does it take to kill these guys?

    72. Sans the skeleton

      That why he name is TheSecondComing

      1. emre özdemir


    73. 프크-Studio

      와씨.. 진짜 미쳤다 이건 가식이 아니라 진짜 애니만들어도 될 작화인데..ㄷㄷ 저걸 혼자서 14분을 만든것 자체가.. 저것도 하나에 애니가 됬어...

    74. acenix falso jeje Gonzáles

      Exelent wow like suscribed

    75. Bilal Şenol

      What is the chosen one who takes it? What if you got it on your own and got it on your own computer?

    76. Haidaro Kato


    77. josue barahona

      This looks to real

    78. Capsule

      This was so sad....

    79. Mini Danni

      remember when this started? havok then friendship

    80. Hasan Yassin

      See the power of the ones made on xp comparing to win 10

    81. Caden Hester

      this is the best animator on youtube

    82. Los Gronik


    83. Calico Kee

      I don't think I have seen something like this ever in NLname Oh yeah, IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST AND THIS ANIMATION IS F**KING MIND-BLOWING 10 OUT OF F**KING 10

    84. havoc

      the place where the chosen one and the dark lord are fighting at gives me naruto vs sasuke vibes

    85. Aidan Duica


    86. Aidan Duica

      WOW OMG

    87. Alan Wu

      I want to see season 3of animation vs minecraft

    88. AlvinAlpha _ Seven

      Help Please

    89. AlvinAlpha _ Seven


    90. Kevin Batan

      Orange to red when his friends die: Death?, You want it?. It's yours my friend

      1. Kevin Batan

        @BIRD UP Super orange: *drinks potion from potion avm that made the pig extremely strong and powerful* *giorno theme plays* Red: anakin, start panackin, *I DON'T HAVE A PLANACKIN!!!!*

      2. BIRD UP

        Sorry, dark lord. I can’t give mercy!

    91. EzioAuditore117

      11:08 :you ended my friends... now... 11:49 :I WILL END YOU!!!

    92. Azwan Alfarizy

      Everyone is going to OOF

    93. Azwan Alfarizy

      Holy shit



    95. Команда Наруто


    96. bluegum01

      the dark lord: I fear no man. But that thing. **the second comming apears** *it scares me.*

    97. Mahmut Aykut

      Omg good animations

    98. Melissa Brooks

      The best fight scenes are the ones where they don't talk.

    99. 6210 Rituto