The Witch - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 21

Alan Becker

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    This is not your ordinary Minecraft witch.
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    1. Alan Becker

      DJ always has the best commentary for these videos:

      1. sonic Гребенщеков

        Alan, why don't you patch it up with apparently stickmen, but with Steve from Minecraft, Mario was like a character, Pokemon were like characters Why not Steve?

      2. grookey gamer123

        Do stick figures vs pillage rade or them going to villages or phantoms

      3. Naw


      4. MC WESIN

        @Karrunesh Kumar SOU MC DA UMA FORÇA LA IRMÃOS

      5. Ian Smith

        Are you on your channel

    2. bò sữa gaming

      continue animation go

    3. YouTube J.H - AKhyunTV악현_

      11:38 돼지파워

    4. Bo2jr4

      The pig is the beste 🐷

    5. STIX Gaming

      This was already a month ago?

    6. factnation

      nice vid

    7. Julious Jr. Barrientos

      alan becker can you make a new animation :)


      7:28 Now that's what I called sword fish

    9. Arthur raja Gultom

      Witch in normal minecraft:calm Witch in minecraft dungeon:little calm Witch in minecraft music song:reee Witch in animation vs minecraft:REEEEEEEEEEEE

    10. Gira

      The only series of videos that the subtitles make better

    11. li baoqiang

      The rambunctious snowboarding retrospectively cycle because comfort erroneously hang than a mushy cook. amazing, arrogant mail

    12. avital henley

      אני סביח

    13. omnipotet goku

      how to animate

    14. Putra Crafting


    15. RestrictMooshroom

      11:39 ayo What is this super mash bros? 😌✋

    16. Nicole 니콜

      I love all the guys will continue to show violet use translator so if you read this put me a violet heart chau 💕

    17. anjan das

      Please make more videos I love your video's

    18. Buddy3126

      pls more

    19. Riley Thide

      Techno power

    20. bolkoYT

      Thunder pig

    21. Fathin Rblx

      11:15 Sonic : gotta go fast

    22. Reshma Rashid

      Your animations are superb

    23. Abhilash Garain

      Pig be like: **OMAEWA MO SINDERU**

    24. Mr. Mystery

      Return if super pig

    25. Lnttt

      11:13 I’m glad Alan had Technoblade in mind when making this. technoblade never dies.

    26. Ilanna Cristine


      1. Aldo_ mora39


    27. Betty Noire


    28. Felipe Filho

      This animations is so cool!

    29. LeRandom PersonOnline

      Green litreally had the best ability but also a silly apearance

    30. Kurdmode

      actually technoblade

    31. Vhan Sulla

      Haha witch go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    32. Ammar Hakiem Saiful Akbar

      why does the pig always drink ALL the potions???

    33. Bubbytheking0521 King bubby


    34. Lars Universo

      very good

    35. Gabriel Suarez Martinez

      The pig is the sand guardian , guardian of the sand (Posidean quivers before him)11:13

    36. Subin Zheng

      Pig:ora ora ora ora ora ora ora

    37. Bee swarm Boxy bees

      Do Ep 22

    38. Subin Zheng

      Wow even a zombie

    39. Emiliano Vinegas

      These animations are so epic

    40. W & D Mellick

      This is so good

    41. CARNAGE 977

      También hay que darle algo de tiempo le cuesta mucho hacer sus animaciones

      1. Aldo_ mora39

        Si pero si se tarda lo mismo que missasinfonia : v

    42. Jeffrey Villatoro

      Move pls

    43. S A B I R 4 4 4

      Dammm that pig i good

    44. Cynthia Topete

      the pig reters 😮😮😮

    45. 1124 Kkoki


    46. Cindy DePalo

      It would be cool if episode 22 was called the pillagers

    47. axel xd aguero

      Fpc 99 999.999

    48. Harrison Nguyen

      Techno Power

    49. TheAdvertisement

      So we're just not gonna talk about the new purple person?

    50. TheAdvertisement

      11:14 On the right column in the the middle- the pig got the Techno Power effect!

    51. Ethan _G

      Hey look it's TechnoBlade on steroids

    52. MineUmbreon GamerYT

      The all mighty pig is BACK!

    53. SubBrawl TV

      13 years ago

    54. yoitsThatEmoKid

      I'm not even gonna lie, itd be cool to see an Animation vs. DOOM video I think itd work really well with his animation style

    55. DraconicGamingOverload

      1:29 when the imposter does *the betrayal*

    56. Kartracer55

      Hello guys welcome back to my minectaft server

    57. Sallow Alikhan

      Am I only guy who want to see something new?Change the topic,Alan,Minecraft is an interesting topic, but after 4 videos it starts be boring

    58. Ella pascual

      I can’t wait for the next episode

    59. George Zhelev

      Can you make another pokemon episode

    60. Arifa Islam


    61. Murielle Saint-fleur

      That pig went ultra instinct

    62. Elite Allin

      When the pig drink the potions one of the abilities was techno power 😂😂

    63. Jeffrey Jiang


    64. Arinn Wade

      Well these Minecraft shorts are not that short anymore aren’t they?

    65. zGoku

      you need netherite sword

    66. HorrorMega_Sans

      Alan is just indescribable! That's cool!

    67. Mark Ankar


    68. Silent Gamer

      pig has the effect gotta go fast and instant health

    69. Alan Zygzak

      When is it the next episode?

    70. żegnaj Adobe Flash player

      Where is new animation

    71. JD McElhaney

      11:15 GoTtA gO fAsT (its at the bottom)

    72. Jaid3np24 Perez

      11:08 the pig ust SLAMMMED

    73. 8Б С. Баяржаргал

      Yeeeey Purpleee

    74. Nan Oru Alien

      how the witch knows about SC appearance So...He was the one who knows them already right? Purple?🙄

    75. - Rando -

      Ultra Instinct Pig.

    76. Acke Luzolo

      Fight 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💞

    77. ဗTheYeezonNဗ

      Dream power :D

    78. just a Random YouTube kid

      I cannot wait for the next Animation also every single time I see potions around that pig I know it’s over

    79. Huỳnh Trần


    80. flyers :D


    81. Marika Czaniecka

      The 1milion IQ pig is here

    82. Marika Czaniecka

      The fish in 5:00 is so. Crazy funny🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    83. matthew jimenez

      cool the god pig thing again i love it when the pig isall powerfull

    84. Andrea Drab


    85. Andrea Drab

      11:12 reference to an old episode

    86. Eli

      Hi Alan, one question, what application do you use for your animations

    87. Andrea Drab

      5:46 this thing is talented

    88. Brian the Goose

      Does anybody realise that blue is in creative

    89. Zenger

      11:38 FINISH HER 11:41 FATALITY

    90. moh hani

      Pug is fire

    91. Рудолф Нямик

      Круто о когда новое видео я понимаю то што вы меня не поймёте потомушто вы из другой страны но видео круть визуал 👍👋

    92. Bayu Pratama

      11:15 Techno Power?

    93. Dreary Collective

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    94. toxic and kowkie

      Hello 👋 alan l just like your videos 👍👍 and l want a shout out because l have my own channel my channel bame is toxic and kowkie its a indonesian channel you see l from indonesia

    95. ハマっすハマ



      Ep 22

    97. li baoqiang

      The sleepy zephyr repressingly pedal because myanmar focally tempt beyond a animated uganda. clean, private birth

    98. Loric Zhou

      11:00 karate pig

    99. Роба 310

      Есть русские! Тогда сюда

    100. Loric Zhou

      Next video : minecraft mods (please)