This is how I say thanks for 5 million subscribers (Otamatone Cover)

Alan Becker

2,2 mln. weergaven461

    This is an Otamatone Cover of The Star Spangled Banner, performed by yours truly.
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    Waving flag animation: "David AE Levy" (CC by attribute)

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    1. Chiminh Thor

      No- *(SQEUAKS)* Eh umm it's oka- *(INTENSIVIES OF SQUEAKING)* umm . . . b e u t i f u l

    2. The Noob Animations

      1:24 when greatness intestifies

    3. Brianna Zafira and Bella Zahra


    4. sub boy m

      uh, ok soo what are we listing to agin......

    5. Akylay Almazbekovna

      Wow :3 :))))))))

    6. Xtreme1218

      all the levels of depression uniting together and playing an otamatone

    7. KibeR MInAtO

      Ты говоришь по русский? Do you speak Russian?

    8. Erik Iv�n Piza L�pez

      Mysteryguitarman style

    9. Zilmara Mol


    10. lanabunny_official

      great sound

    11. Zepyxl

      Otamatone ¥888 Japan Tokyo store


      First Otamatone: Baa Baa Baa BAaa BAAAA there comes second: Baaa BAAA Baa third: Baa BAAAA BAAA FOurth: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fifth: ba ba ba ba ba ba bAAAAAAAAA

    13. obby clay 1208 Ponce


    14. The White Dawn

      this sucks, I was expecting guns and tanks (this is a joke btw for people who take everything seriously)

    15. N1NJA MASTER

      Man que isso kkkkkk, pq que eu to vendo até o final kkkkkkkk

    16. Pixel Plays

      0:53 lol same captions guy

    17. Xiwen Hu

      Nice captions bruh

    18. Luiz Heitor

      um brasileiro aqui '-'

    19. KithPlaysThis


    20. Maxtivities

      Make that 14mill

    21. detetive abacaxi



      14m ?

    23. GameReaper

      The America is strong in this one

    24. Samuel Ortega

      It looks like it has a mouth and eyes...

    25. ReginaldoGD


    26. Nacho Games CR


    27. John Ernie Estares

      Usa anthem

    28. TheEvilGamer

      Alan playing Star Spangled Banner on a meme instrument. *absolute NLname perfection*

    29. Mymeca Sarmiento


    30. Sean G Games

      I love it thank you

    31. Gui pro games

      Prática teu português com bois cara

    32. dubraska chirinos

      alan becker eres como Español :o

    33. Shao Kui Chen

      It's too loud

    34. Vasanth

      That nearly sounds like marriage in India

    35. Tirthobrine

      Talented guy

    36. [Xianthea] Rainbow Love

      If you’re not American so what country are you in

    37. FRANK T-Rex

      Amazing music

    38. Sergio Garcia

      Felicidades uwu , aunque muy tarde :/ ,nuevo sub xd

    39. Nurain Nabilah Nazri

      😍😍😍👍👍👍 Well done! :D

    40. Joechito Muyco

      I Subscribed And Nice Instrument i like that alan becker

    41. MINECRAFT Hackerz 42


    42. Василиса Печёнкина

      Ты очень крутой и ты молодец!

    43. Василиса Печёнкина

      Я одна тут русская?

      1. Машка Играшка

        не одна ;)

    44. Acee&Caleb

      The subtitles though 😂

    45. Ryuk from death note

      Her : he is probably thinking of other girls My brain:

    46. Матиас зайцев

      Такое ощещение что он русский

    47. Aaron Chavez

      congrats on 5 mil, Alan! Subtitles Bekzat Dulatov cc said

    48. Aaron Chavez

      Is he speaking, or ....? cc said

    49. Aaron Chavez

      (silent thanks) cc said

    50. Aaron Chavez

      U.S.A flag appears, making it even more great cc said

    51. Aaron Chavez

      Greatness intensifies even more cc said

    52. Aaron Chavez

      MORE ALANS the cc said

    53. Aaron Chavez

      (subtitles by catty vids) ( Subtitles also by The4Pikmin the not american lol) cc said

    54. Aaron Chavez

      greatness continues still the cc said

    55. Aaron Chavez

      I'm not even American lol the cc said

    56. Aaron Chavez

      Greatness Continues cc said

    57. Aaron Chavez

      greatness intensifies cc said

    58. Aaron Chavez

      AND ANOTHER the cc said

    59. Aaron Chavez

      WOAH ANOTHER ALAN the cc said

    60. Cosmos YT

      That was.... Interesting

    61. Jai Sule



      That intense focus though...

    63. minecraft


    64. Aesthetic_ nada

      Im proud of you reach 5 million sub! Congrats man congrats!

    65. AwesomeSoundEffects

      beginning face: YES LETS DO THIS Ending face: Kill me

    66. kabrachica - cortos animados

      LOL it made me laugh the face of your thing Alan

    67. JC05

      If this aint the most American thing ive ever seen-

    68. Blindless

      Now he has more subs than MrBeastGaming

    69. MUAD Ak

      What a song

    70. Daniel LAkur


    71. JustKakyoin

      1:50 uh..umm...*im speechless

    72. Железный Магнит

      Боже мои уши

    73. Eliod

      This is one of my favourite videos on your channel😂👍👍👍👍👍

    74. Cyan_killer

      HOW DO I GET 1 OF THOSE!?!????!!?!!!

    75. I am a Star Citizen

      This guys classic

    76. NerfWasTaken

      Almost at 14 milli

    77. LUCAS Noronha marszalek


      1. Diego Brizuela Rolón

        Oigame , oigame señor, posiblemente tengas razon. Seguramente es por el instrumento

    78. Лоб Лоб

      Есть кто русский

    79. Thomas Han

      0:43 - 1:18 his face in the third one lmfao

    80. John Preston

      I cant 🤣🤣

    81. bafawi21

      I'm aint American boissssss

    82. Cerberus Gaming

      The dislikes are from all the otamatones he used.

    83. Anime Antics



      mil gracias a ti

    85. HardGameplayツ


    86. Bene Fernandes

      Alan você pode falar portugues?

      1. Diego Brizuela Rolón

        Saludos desde Paraguay, ¿Sos de Brasil?

    87. abel martinez

      y almost explode dude

    88. Zebetigre 90


    89. AnimatorsXGamez

      Me who watched this when it was released but is here again years later: Wow!

    90. Max Mustermann

      i absolutely love it

    91. Sahil Rehan


    92. el pro untra intinto zenteno


    93. Arslan arslan

      greetings from Turkey

    94. Ержан Нагашибайев

      Hello my name Yerzhan my a KAZAKHSTAN 🇰🇿❤️

    95. xinyuan yang

      ahhhhhhh~( '▽' )♪

    96. Andro GAMING Tamil

      Just ur awesome

    97. RandomTube

      Everyone rise for the otamatone anthem

    98. Pronita pro

      He is cute man

    99. Manfredi Cadelo

      Nothing can pay the face of Alan

    100. Manfredi Cadelo

      Well, yeah but, actually, nope