TNT Land - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 12

Alan Becker

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    Orange meets the Evil Bunny. Who has a very roundabout way of eliminating enemies.
    Watch Episode 13 Here:
    Full Animation vs. Minecraft Playlist:
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    Outro music: "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    "Ave Maria" by Karstenholymoly
    2013 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0)
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    1. Michal Švec

      Tak ten to mněl a korát ale jinak super video 🤣

    2. Mikanimations s

      Ok but yellow and blue tho 😏

    3. Ayaz Veli Kanat

      Cool animation

    4. Desmond

      The link gose to 14 not 13

    5. David Yuan

      Anyone is an expert at social distancing when it comes to Evokers, just ask Orange...

    6. David Yuan

      If they replaced every time "hell" was mentioned in the captions with "the Nether", my day would be made. It would just be so Minecraft-authentic.

    7. Christ

      Why are the Subtitels of araba

    8. фнаф фанат

      Ты русский или американец я не понял!?

    9. Ailee’s Wild World

      Wow good beatboxing lol

    10. Gaming Guy

      The bunny is like master Yoda

    11. Dol Dol


    12. Kozu- -Lucifer

      Never trust a rabbit

    13. Mai Thi Giang

      Bunny VS Sc

    14. Anthony Nguyen

      R.I.p rabbit

    15. Anthony Nguyen

      rip weird rabbit lsand

    16. Khalil Irving Bacungan


    17. Geraldine Golle

      I like blue can you make a more video from blue

    18. Charlie Hartmann

      Good animation

    19. Chufeng Xiong

      Alan Becker I'm such a big fan I made a draw of stick figures that I made from paper

    20. Fancy stickman


    21. Fancy stickman

      A Crap

    22. Fancy stickman

      A Cup Of Woter

    23. Владимир Попо

      For g to everyone for your time and consideration and look forward the beautiful 😍😭

    24. Pasu (Student) Rattanasiwamok

      Did anyone try to turn on subtitles? lol

    25. Suely Andrade

      Muito bom gosto dos seus vídeos +1 inscrito

    26. Limin Wang

      Spiders don’t attack in the day in Minecraft or this is another version.

    27. y 7

      Не unity SwiftKey SwiftKejSwiftKey

    28. Ender Slime

      Indonesian subtitle: Using badword with this languange,

    29. Meijan •

      Who made the Turkish translation 😅

    30. Zeyd Issa

      So you can get a credit credit card card number and credit credit card credit cards and get credit

    31. 임태규

      Is it possible to ship the T-shirt nationwide? i live in korea.

    32. 신해경

      3:25 토끼의 사망장면

    33. Calisto Chow

      OMG how u make this??

    34. *Fluffy Hølly*

      So his friends are in trouble and he’s just here feasting out with a cannibal bunny that was planning on slaughtering him

    35. Eymen kayra Uygur

      yes more videos! more videos!

    36. pondok ccssma sahabat ceria

      sc vs killer rabbit the choosen one is sc and killer rabbit is the dark lord

    37. Justin Zhang

      So the evoker's called Jeffery?


      I like your videos and I download it

    39. Jacob Faul

      Monty python- “Jesus Christ”

    40. HAMZA

      Bunu kim çevirdi 😂

    41. Selinin Miniş Dünyası

      i saw the '' i ship it '' when red fell does that mean red x blue or yellow x blue ?????? if its like that im gonna make fanart :>

    42. Odahir Fernandez


    43. 김지민

      I can't believe that the rabbit is that strong...

    44. Laura RoJu

      Un conejo con una espada??????? la mejor animación del mundo!!!!!!!!:-P :3

    45. Matkovic Ilija

      Never trust a killer bunny

    46. Джек

      Офегена делаеш бро мне нравиться спасибо

    47. julija game korzhenko

      Если чесно канец был тупым

    48. Gamers 1440

      Gak usah ngegas asu 🤣

    49. Delsan Rilons


    50. Retarded Kid


    51. CınarY

      Çok güzel. Video

    52. Ƿynnťari

      Wait, if the Rabbit wasn't the Illusioner... so he was... Just a very evil Rabbit? No, you idiot, the *Killer Bunny* from the Nametag!

    53. Ƿynnťari

      Orange is on Luck III Potion Effect

    54. Ƿynnťari

      the gang: dying of hunger. meanwhile: Killer Bunny: Hänsel·und·Gretel·ing Orange

      1. Seiten verkehrt

        Du sprichst Deutsch oder

    55. שלומי צגהון


    56. Gotornツ

      Tro bien

    57. Joaquin Arthur Garica

      5:01 if you put captions in this part NO SHIP



    59. Batuhan Bitmez


    60. 주가온

      이사람보는 한국인손

      1. j j


    61. Izaytum


    62. Izaytum

      Why did the bunny have to die I love bunnies this almost made me cry (but great video except for bunny getting blown up)

    63. Milena Rzepka


    64. Flesh a Roblox

      Видео: Русское Коментарии: Английские Я: что?! Никогда не верь изменённым комментариям

    65. Thorium 232

      A little late for this comment since I saw this when it first came out, but I don't think I'll ever be able to look at bunnies the same way again.

    66. про профи


    67. Chris and Tammy Caron

      The new one was a good

    68. عالم حلو

      Gob gop

    69. Jupes Jack

      Rip bunny

    70. Angel Campos


    71. Angel Campos


    72. Booboo Pedregon Jr

      That killer bunny should have poisoned the food

    73. karlax aguilar

      Me encantan tus vídeos que sigas asiendo más

    74. Eduardo antonio Ramirez


    75. Vex

      Is that the Killer Bunny in Minecraft

    76. pixelz


    77. Sevilay Papila

      Oha lan iyi vir

    78. Project Madness35


    79. Ji

      Killer bunny spawn in desert

    80. Sixty Nine

      What does he mean "(I ship it)"

    81. Al Holik

      I cant love you alan

    82. Mohammad Omar

      I love your vids

    83. Jesus Javier 10

      Oye así que el conejo sobreviva y que aparezca en otro capitulo

    84. Gamer 5766 Тохма

      мне нравится твои анимации или мультики смотреть с русскими субтитрами

    85. PeneuIsQT on GD world


    86. Миша


    87. GabDoesStuff649

      Plot twist: The bunny is an illager trapped in a bunny bcuz of the witch

      1. GabDoesStuff649

        @Thorium 232 an illusioner maybe, a really powerful one that can make blocks look different (bcuz whole world being normal but actually tnt)

      2. Thorium 232

        Oh my god, I wouldn't surprised if that were the case

    88. loxo gamer


    89. 김경욱


    90. Anthony Nguyen

      Orange: hi

    91. arda ozkan

      türkçe çeviren arkadaşa sesleniyorum ne biçim çevirdin aq :D

    92. Um Pouco de Tudo


    93. Exp Сhanell

      НА РУССКОМ!?

    94. Otavio Morais


    95. Ze-GiiK

      I love the end 😁

    96. Brody Loch

      The killer bunny from minecraft hey i thought those were cut out of the game Notch: uhhhhhhhhhhhh your seeing things

    97. Luningning Abrillo

      4:25 R.I.P Rabbit

    98. hamzah azmi

      0:53 kalo pake subtitle indo

      1. hamzah azmi


    99. Kevin Xu

      welcome to the town of nuuk

    100. Yağmur

      3:02 Çeviriyi kim yaptı :D